Our Services
B-Mac offers a full complement of services to wireless telecommunications equipment manufacturers, wireless carriers and Tower Owners. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Construction Services

Our construction division are experts in constructing the full cell site including compound construction and shelter setting. We’ll construct the tower and install the antennas, lines, and full grounding systems.

Civil Services

We have a full array of civil services ranging from bringing fiber into the cell site to installing and upgrading equipment. We work on equipment such as radio cabinets, DC power cabinets and battery backup systems. Trenching, drilling, and vibratory plow services are available as well. Whether you want to maintain or expand your existing infrastructure our team can do it in a timely fashion.

COW & Special Deployment Services

We’re well versed in setting up temporary cell sites across various locations. We’ll work with the landlords to establish the best location and most efficient way to set up. From here we’ll deliver the equipment to the venue and set up the system. When the venue is over we’ll tear it down and return the site to it’s original state.

Emergency Site Support Services

We understand the impact of site down-time. Our team of experienced professionals are ready to assess and repair critical issues when the arise. We go to work when we’re called. From RF trouble shooting to complete reconstruction, we have the expertise to get your site back up and running, quickly.

Our Clients